10,742 Hours of lessons
287 Children
11 teachers
5 hospitals
Nearly 90% of Myschoolpulse kids passed classes in 2014

20% of them passed with honours!
Myschoolpulse opened a school in a 5th hospital at Hôtel-Dieu de France.

Art therapy has been introduced since January and has a positive impact on the kids' self-esteem.

In June 2014, Mrs Lama Tamam Salam has honored Myschoolpulse for giving the sick child a chance for a better life.

Since inception in 2010, we have schooled 287 children undergoing treatment for a life-threatening illness.

This would not have been possible without the help and contribution of every single one of you.

Thank you each and every one!

Myschoolpulse team

Mrs Dalal Nassif at Hôtel-Dieu hospital

Painting done in Art Therapy sessions

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"Thank you for the amazing teacher. I thank you for everything you've done to me!!! God bless you and everyone in Myschoolpulse. " Jonathan
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