“Children's morale significantly improved since they received tutorship in hospital. All the caretakers, from the CEO to doctors, nurses and administrators, are grateful to Myschoolpulse who brings happiness and smiles to sad faces”

Mr. Rayes, CEO of Saint-George Hospital University Medical Center
“75% of children cure from cancer. Myschoolpulse enables them to attain the next level as they return to mainstream school”

Dr. Peter Noun, Head Oncologist
“We never had the resources to send our daughter to school. With the help of Myschoolpulse, our daughter got her first lesson at hospital. She loved it so much that we have decided, now that she is out of hospital, to make schooling a priority”

Sylvana’s father
“My daughter refused to talk from the moment she was diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to Myschoolpulse teachers, she is now speaking again to all of us, and smiling!”

Julia’s Mom