Paul who studied and did his best until the last minute, an oxygen mask on his face, is the inspiration behind.


Our Story

The origin of Myschoolpulse lies in unspeakable adversity when Paul, the founder’s son, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in December 2008.

Despite the side-effects of chemotherapy, Paul insisted on carrying on with school and keeping up with his peers. His perseverance and dedication led him to a stellar grade report at the end of the school year.
Sadly however, Paul passed away in August 2009.

Myschoolpulse was founded in the summer of 2010 as a non-profit organization in Lebanon.

Every sick child has the right to dream, learn and hope, and pursue their education for a better future.

Provide children with life threatening illnesses support for their education and their well-being.

Our Goals

Who we are

Meet our
Board of Directors

Mireille Nassif
Co-founder & President

Daniele Diab

Philippe Yared
Strategy & Media

Dr. Aimée Karam

Meet our
Exceptional Team

Mireille Nassif
General Manager

Lara Hage
Deputy & Finance Manager

Monique Saikali
Fundraising &
Events Manager

Josiane Deghel
Hospital Coordinator &
Accounting Manager

Manal Attieh
Co-Head School Director

Nadine El Rayess
Co-Head School Director

Soraya Obeid
Lead Art Therapist


Thank you for your donations & support, wherever you are in the world.


  The NDL Foundation, UK
  Sofia & Claude Marion Foundation

  HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
  Merck Family Foundation
  Ramzi & Dalia Rishani

  Danielle De Piccioto
  Mireille Nassif (covered all operating costs for the first 2.5y)
  1 anonymous

  Dexia Asset Management
  Fady & Leila Abouchalache
  3 anonymous

  Association Philippe Jabre (APJ)
  Justice au Coeur (charity of French Lycee in London)
  Khalil Warde SAL
  Only The Brave Foundation
  Paul & Kathryn Raphael
  Rana & Albert Baladi
  Tamari Foundation
  6 anonymous (including a monthly donor)

  Bridgewater Associates
  Corinne & Sylvain Lebeuf
  Dolly & Gino Chammas
  Farid Chehab
  Josyann Abisaab & Michel Brogard
  Michel Aramouni
  Nicole & Jean-Jacques Hajjar
  Sylvie Saliba
  Tamer Family
  Tina & Sponsors
  2 anonymous

  Anouck & Julien's wedding
  Bassam Yammine
  Benoit Zingraff
  British Lebanese Association
  Camille & Marie-Christine Abousleiman
  Carla Chammas
  Caryn & Rachid Karam
  Cedric Pierre Gentil
  Christine Bacha-Rizk
  Claude Bakalian
  Claude & Paul Serhal
  Daniele Abisaab
  David Adler
  Diane Ibrahimchah
  Eirini & Vassilis Karamouzis
  Elena & Romain Blanchard
  Esther & Michel Antaky
  Farid Habib
  Farid Kettaneh
  Fouad Sawaya
  Francis & Rima Yared
  Francois Puget
  Frederic Khoury
  Gael & Emile Bacha
  Jenny & Joseph Oughourlian
  Joe Khoury
  Joumana Rizk
  Kara Lemont Sportelli
  Kareen Ibrahimchah
  L'Ecole Bilingue
  Les Affichages Pikasso Sal
  Lina Takla
  Louise & Michel Doumet
  Marguerite Doumet
  Marwan Kyriakos-Saad
  Maurice Obeid
  Maurice & Astrid Topiol
  May & Roger Tohmé
  Michael Garrow
  Michel Sara
  Michel Zoghzoghi
  Nada Otayek
  Nadine & Danny Bernheim
  Nathalia & Alexander Audi
  Nelly & Christian Zouein
  Rania Kassem
  Rudy Seikaly
  Sabine Nader
  Serge Yared
  The Boustany Foundation
  Thierry Asté
  Thierry, Carole & Lisa Barel
  12 anonymous

  A Harkous, Londres
  Alexandre Calamaro
  Bernard Ulrich
  Carl Baladi
  Carlo Ayoub
  Christine Delfaut
  Dominique & Imad Al Shibibi
  Gabriela Soppelsa
  Janine Maamari
  Joe Lovrics
  Joumana & Philippe Tager
  Julien Jabre
  Kamal Jabre
  Laure Ghouila-Houri
  Laura Lati & Gianni Frey
  Martine Harmouche
  Mary & Pierre Debbane
  Michael Zammar
  Miriam & Jorge Suarez
  Myriam Tuéni
  Nadine Hajjar
  Nanou Zayan
  Nicole & Gaby Ragy
  Omar Chebli
  Philip Adler
  Raif Letayf
  Robert Matta
  Rola & Rashid Baddoura
  Samir El Khoury
  Simon Woods
  Vincent Berard
  Yann Hammoud
  Zeina & Sami Darouni
  10 anonymous


  Laudy Asseily - Beirut
USD 38,091

Lebanese International Swim Academy organises annual Swim-a-Thon fundraising in favour of Myschoopulse

  Alice Mogabgab - Beirut
USD 5,716

Conferences at Alice Mogabgab Gallery

  Alice Mogabgab - Beirut
USD 4,000

Beirut Art Film Festival

  Thierry Aste - Beirut
USD 3,850

Thierry downloads music on clients Ipods and donates all revenues to Myschoolpulse

  Justice au Coeur - London
£ 2,000

The French Lycée’s charity and students organize events throughout the year

  Micky Chebli - Paris to Beirut
USD 44,150

Biking from Paris to Beirut undergoing on (May 2016) click here for info

  Maissa Abou Adal & Ghia Hawari - Beirut
USD 10,000

Recettes de Vie 2 (Nov 2015)

  Farid Habib - London
USD 10,000

Ironman Zurich & Ironman Mallorca (Jul & Sep 2015)

  Rana Baladi - Worldwide
USD 9,000

E-conference: Marina Abramovic racontee par David Ruiz

  Danielle Badro - Corsica
USD 7,560

Hiking the GR20 trail in Corsica

  Parents Committee of the LLFP 2017 - Dubai
USD 5,400

The Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive de Dubai raised funds for Myschoolpulse through a cancer awareness campaign

  Ralph Masri - Paris to Beirut
USD 3,500

Designers Jewelry sale in London

  Rania Kassem - Beirut
USD 3,200

Photo exhibition (Oct 2010)

  Michel Khoury
USD 2,000

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

  Marc Habib - Geneva
USD 2,000

UBP colleagues Party (June 2018)

  Serge Yared - Beirut
USD 2,000

Concert (Dec 2011)

  Danielle Abisaab - Beirut
USD 1,200

Global Mala Yoga Day (Sep 2010)

  Michele Chacour - Beirut
USD 800

10% of all Christmas sales (Dec 2016)

  Frederic Khoury - Montreal
USD 750

Fundraising evening (Sep 2010)

  Cribari jewellery - New York
USD 540

Private sale organized by Christine Bacha-Rizk & Angela Bacha (Apr 2012)